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Episode 4 - The Story Behind "Hope and a New Dawn"  

In this episode, I talk about one of my newest works for concert band, Hope and a New Dawn (Grade 3/3.5). I discuss the long road it took to writing this piece, and share some thoughts in my decision-making when it came to writing the melodic material. 

Be sure to listen until the end, as there is a performance recording of Hope and a New Dawn, with myself conducting the Arlington Heights Community Concert Band (Arlington Heights, IL)! 

For more info on this piece, including ordering info, click here

Thank you for listening! 

Episode 3 - Christianity and Archaeology with Dr. Mark Janzen  

In this third episode, I have my first guest! Dr. Mark Janzen joins me to talk about archaeology and christianity. Dr. Janzen is a published author, professor, and archaeologist (but, as he has reminded me several times, no fedora or whip). Mark discusses some of his work in the field, his writings, and shares some insights into how archaeological research and discoveries have supported the historicity of the Bible. 

You can find Dr. Janzen's latest book, Five Views on the Exodusby clicking here

We also give a shoutout to Dr. Travis Dickinson of Dallas Baptist University, and his new book Logic and the Way of Jesus, which you can find by clicking here

Episode 2 - The Story Behind the Theme Song  

Welcome back to The Composer Chris 'Cast! 

In this second episode, I talk about the plans I had for myself early in my adult life, and how conversations with friends had me re-evaluating my composing goals. The key lesson: it's all about the journey. And this leads in to a brief look at Crossover, the piece that I have selected as the theme song for the podcast. 

Thank you so much for listening! 

Episode 1 - Welcome! Who is Composer Chris?   

Thanks for checking out The Composer Chris 'Cast! I'm thrilled to finally be launching this new podcast, and I hope that you find it interesting, entertaining, and informative. 

In this inaugural episode, I give a basic bio of who I am, and what the direction of this podcast will be. 

Thanks again, feel free to share; let's do this!