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Episode 8 - My Favorite Film Score Is...  

I'm back after a hiatus! In this first episode back I wanted to share a bit about my favorite film score, and why it is my favorite. But before that, I need to unveil my “Mt. Rushmore” of film composers! Thank you for listening! 

(The music clips used are not mine, and used for educational and informational purposes only.)


Episode 6 - John Williams Retiring from Film Music with Chris O'Hara   

In this episode I talk to my old friend Chris O'Hara about the news of John Williams stepping away from film music. Chris and I went to junior high and high school together, and we've always shared a mutual admiration of Williams and his music. In fact, we both pursued careers in music largely because of his influence on our younger selves. 

Chris O'Hara is a professional trumpet player, music educator and doctoral student at the University of Illinois (Urbana/Champaign); you can learn more about him and hear recordings on his website