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Episode 9 - On Deconstruction, with Ryan Lennon  

This episode is very different from recent episodes! Guest Ryan Lennon joins me to talk about religious “deconstruction,” a term that has been bouncing around recently in evangelical circles. What is deconstruction? Is it a good thing? Why is it a scary term to some? We also briefly discuss the Amazon Prime docuseries “Shiny Happy People.” 

Ryan Lennon grew up in Evangelicalism and obtained Master’s Degrees from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in New Testament Studies and Old Testament Studies. He currently works in sales selling cybersecurity software to businesses, and he and his wife Jenny live in Cary, NC with their two year old daughter, Cami, and their six year old Golden Retriever, Barney. They have been attending a local Episcopalian church for the past several months, and this is the faith tradition they feel most at home in. Follow him on Twitter @ryanjslennon.

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Episode 5 - Literature, Stories and the Formation of Virtue w/Nathan Montgomery  

This episode I am joined by PhD philosophy of religion student Nathan Montgomery. Nathan and I met several years ago in Texas, and have enjoyed talking about various subjects over the years. We have a mutual interest in the intersection of art and faith, and Nathan will be sharing some of his thoughts on how literature and stories work in the formation of virtue. 

Nathan has studied philosophy with Dr. Paul Gould (Palm Beach Atlantic University) and Dr. Ross Inman (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary). His dissertation will further explore the relationship of literature and virtue.

You can find some of Nathan's writings on film and television at Art and the Kingdom

Episode 3 - Christianity and Archaeology with Dr. Mark Janzen  

In this third episode, I have my first guest! Dr. Mark Janzen joins me to talk about archaeology and christianity. Dr. Janzen is a published author, professor, and archaeologist (but, as he has reminded me several times, no fedora or whip). Mark discusses some of his work in the field, his writings, and shares some insights into how archaeological research and discoveries have supported the historicity of the Bible. 

You can find Dr. Janzen's latest book, Five Views on the Exodusby clicking here

We also give a shoutout to Dr. Travis Dickinson of Dallas Baptist University, and his new book Logic and the Way of Jesus, which you can find by clicking here