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Episode 4 - The Story Behind "Hope and a New Dawn"  

In this episode, I talk about one of my newest works for concert band, Hope and a New Dawn (Grade 3/3.5). I discuss the long road it took to writing this piece, and share some thoughts in my decision-making when it came to writing the melodic material. 

Be sure to listen until the end, as there is a performance recording of Hope and a New Dawn, with myself conducting the Arlington Heights Community Concert Band (Arlington Heights, IL)! 

For more info on this piece, including ordering info, click here

Thank you for listening! 

Episode 2 - The Story Behind the Theme Song  

Welcome back to The Composer Chris 'Cast! 

In this second episode, I talk about the plans I had for myself early in my adult life, and how conversations with friends had me re-evaluating my composing goals. The key lesson: it's all about the journey. And this leads in to a brief look at Crossover, the piece that I have selected as the theme song for the podcast. 

Thank you so much for listening!