String Orchestra Music

Allegro Agitato

A driving, relentless pulse leads the intensity and excitement of this work for string orchestra.  Ideal for helping students develop skills in counting and syncopation. (Grade 3/4)

Fantasy on an American Hymn

For String Orchestra, based on the hymn tune BEACH SPRING. Fragmentation of the hymn tune produces new material throughout, with the original stated only once at the beginning. This piece is dedicated to Mr. Will Burck and the Waubonsie Valley High School Concert Orchestras. (Grade 2-3)

Fantasy (On the Hymn Tune Resignation)

For String Orchestra, this setting weaves the pentatonic hymn tune with wide open harmonies and simple accompaniments to create an Americana feel. A sense of peace and contentment is echoed in the lyrical, legato lines of the strings. Grade 3/4. 

"Liv" Forever

"Liv" Forever was commissioned by Mrs. Dawn Pakkebier and the Still Middle School 8th Grade Orchestra (Aurora, IL) and the Indian Prairie Education Foundation, in memory of Olivia Campanaro, a student of the orchestra who tragically died in a car accident along with her father.

Prairie Song


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