SATB and Piano

I Lay My Sins On Jesus

SATB and Piano. New music set to Horatius Bonar's text. 

SATB, Piano

Text by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792 - 1822). Commissioned by the MidCities Chamber Singers (Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas). 

Reading the text suggested so many musical ideas, especially in terms of harmony and texture. The duple vs. triple piano accompaniment helps set a nebulous rhythmic feel without taking away a clear sense of pulse, suggesting the idea of being swept up in the feelings of love. The harmonies are rich and lush, which follows the rich imagery of the poetry. From the beginning of the piece, there is a continual move towards harmonic resolution, which never really arrives until the final measures of the piece, and then, only briefly.

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SATB, Piano

From the publisher:

"Chris Teichler breathes fresh life into Dorothy Greenwell's classic hymn text with a refreshing, folk-like melody and engaging piano accompaniment. Ideal for multiple occasions throughout the church year, "My Savior" will encourage all who experience it to meditate on Christ's mission."

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Now I Give Myself to Thee

SATB, Flute and Piano. Written for Tom Song and the Life Road Singers. 

Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven

Psalm of Praise

What a Friend We Have in Jesus