Heading to the Alleluia Conference

For the 7th consecutive year, I'm exhibiting at the Alleluia Conference at Baylor University, put on by Baylor's Center for Christian Music Studies. More than selling music (which would be great!), I'm hoping to make more connections with the music ministers that attend. They come from all over the U.S. and from several denominations. I'm particularly interested in learning how many churches offer music education and appreciation in some form to their congregations and communities. This could manifest itself in several different ways, like concert series', music academies or schools, community ensembles like children's choirs or theater productions, etc. Church music flourishes when children through adults are engaged and involved, and we seem to be in a steady decline in this engagement, leaving it up to only a few. So, I'm curious to see if others are thinking the same!

I'll report back later...

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