Band Music

Grade 2/3

Concert Band (Grade 3)

In Memory of Mr. Fred Lewis

Composed to honor the memory of my high school band director, Fred Lewis (Fenton High School, Bensenville, IL). 

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Concert Band (Grade 2)

Commissioned by Blackhawk Middle School, Bensenville, IL. This piece has a gentle latin feel to it, representing a calm and peaceful evening. It is also a sort of elegy for my old neighborhood which no longer exists, due to the expansion of O'Hare International Airport (Chicago, IL).

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Concert Band (Grade 2/2.5)

Commissioned by Mr. William Winters and Blackhawk Middle School (Bensenville, IL)

Overture-style piece featuring faster and energetic parts, as well as slower and more lyrical passages as well, which helps students develop multiple styles of playing.

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Concert Band (Grade 2.5)

It is common to have a toast "to absent friends" at ceremonies or receptions. While not limited to military functions, it is in this context that the toast often seems the most special and appropriate. This heartfelt piece is a tribute to those who have served in the armed forces and are no longer with us. A JW Pepper "Editors Choice." 

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