Consortium Opportunities for 2024!

I'm excited to announce three consortium opportunities for the upcoming year! Each consortium has multiple buy-in levels that take into consideration budgets and time commitments to each project. Here is a brief overview of each. 


The first is a  multi-movement work for brass quintet will be released in early May of 2024. The total length will be around 10-12 minutes, and will explore various timbres and textures of the brass instruments. For ensembles that join early in the composing process, I would welcome input and suggestions. To learn more or to register, click here. 



A tuba solo with piano accompaniment is the second consortium I'm putting together for next year. My youngest is a tuba player, and gave me the idea for this one. In fact, he said he is already committed to be a paying member! This will be around a grade 4 solo, aiming to contribute a piece to the tuba repertoire that would be ideal for strong high school players, college players, and any other tubist that would like to help create a new work. Click here to learn more and to register. 



The Waves and Winds Still Know will be a work for solo flute with string accompaniment. I will also create a version for flute with piano accompaniment, which will be a reduction of the original string parts. The overall themes of the piece is hope in the face of adversity, perseverance, resolve, endurance. Click here to learn more and to register. 



If you are able and interested in being part of any of these projects I would love to work with you! Also, please feel free to share this info with anyone you know that might be interested in being part. Thank you, and thank you for supporting new music! 

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