Coming Soon "Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven"

After a brief covid delay, Chorister's Guild will be releasing my anthem Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven sometime in April 2021! 

For SATB and piano, I gave this familiar hymn text a joyous, rhythmic setting in a 10/8 meter. It is very lively, and would work well as a Call to Worship. 

I'll be sure to make a more formal announcement once the piece is released, so stay tuned! 

Special thanks to Katie Houts at CG, who made this possible and gave me some great edit suggestions, and to Russell Almand who convinced me to submit the piece to CG in the first place. Grateful for both of you in this process! And once again, thank you to the consortium members that helped make the creation of this piece possible:

First Baptist Church of Salado, TX 
Dr. Robert Pendergraft, Associate Pastor of Music Ministries 

Northridge Presbyterian Church, Dallas, TX 
Mr. Bryan Page, Music Director 

Gambrell Street Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX 
Dr. Ben Caston, Interim Minister of Music 

Woodlawn Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, LA 
Mr. Laramie Minga, Music Pastor 

Peace Lutheran Church, Hurst, TX 
Mr. Bradley Anderson, Director of Music and Worship 

Calvary Baptist Church, Henderson, TX 
Mr. Casey McCarthy, Music Minister 

First Presbyterian Church Rome, GA 
Dr. Aaron Rice, Director of Classical Music Ministry 

Garden Lakes Baptist Church, Rome, GA 
Dr. Alan B. Wingard, Minister of Music

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