R. Christopher Teichler, Composer

Chris Teichler is one of those rare musicians who can do it all! I don't say this lightly as my own expectations are higher than most. A humble, perhaps understated man with genuine abilities ranking him in a category of superior excellence. His knack of composing the unusual but making it accessible to a general audience is perhaps his most profound gift. He is quick, and understands a deadline. His work ethic goes far beyond composers I have worked with for years commissioning many works over the last 20 years whether for my personal use as a concert violinist, or for my professional orchestra that I created and manage. His keyboard skills range from reading notes on the page to creating a world of his own harmonies with his ears being the guide. His imagination is his finest gift. Whether it be in jazz form, classical or even sacred, Mr. Teichler can tackle the hardest task and make it look easy and it will be done exactly as requested. As a conductor, whether working with college students or professional choirs or amateur groups, Chris has a winning personality who sincerely loves people and cares for their heart. He is able to help those groups achieve their highest level of ability and also enjoy themselves at the same time. He knows how to inspire by a commanding spirit instead of demanding leadership. He will always bring out the best in every musician he works with. I have watched Chris grow as a musician, and would recommend him without hesitation for any job opportunities. Last of all, if you really would like to know who Chris is as a person, watch a football game with him and you will be sold on enthusiasm alone!

Chris Teichler's new "Ballad" for Solo Trumpet and Band is a very charming and accessible work. It is well crafted, well scored, and will be a welcome addition to the repertoire. Best of all, the gratifying lyrical solo trumpet part is very playable by good high school level players. Very attractive writing.

Engaging. Colorful. Satisfying. R. Christopher Teichler's compositions are thoroughly engaging to the most refined musician and the broader, music-loving public. He has a buoyancy and vitality to his music that is coupled with a masterful blending the many colors of voices and instruments. In his works that reference other well-known classics like The First Noel and What A Friend We Have In Jesus, Teichler makes them both utterly new and refreshingly satisfying.

Chris joined us for a week as a guest artist at Waubonsie Valley High School in January (2007). Chris brought a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to his time with our students. Our kids loved working on his music and working with him one on one! In addition to rehearsing his pieces with the students, he was willing to come in and spend extra time to get our input on the pieces. This was a huge help in getting the pieces tailored to our groups and their ability level. Performing the premiere of Chris' "American Anthem" with full orchestra, choir, and band will surely be a highlight of the students' high school experience!

I have had the privilege of working with Chris on two commissioned works. Chris brings creative musical ideas to rich texts allowing us to see the the texts in a new way. My choirs have enjoyed singing these imaginative pieces, and I look forward to what future collaborations may produce. Chris is a gifted composer and a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend his work to you as music of the finest quality.