R. Christopher Teichler, Composer


String Orchestra, 1999


The subtitle of this piece is "For a Childhood Hero." I composed this in the few days immediately following the death of one of my childhood idols. His death seemed sudden, shocking, and impossible. Even though this was someone I had never met, it felt like someone close to me died. I also felt compelled to write some sort of musical response to this for two reasons: I had never written a piece as a memorial, and I felt it was the best way to express my grief. This is the most romantic piece I've ever written. I took complete advantage of the lush nature of string in every facet of this piece. The melodies feature a lot of large leaps and some poignant dissonance; the harmonies are at times open and lush, and very tight and grating. At first, the piece seems directionless, going through various levels of intensities. Ultimately ending with an optimistic tone, in celebration of a life well-lived.