R. Christopher Teichler, Composer

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I listen to pieces on this website? 

All of my pieces are listed on the My Music tab on the website navigation bar. Pieces are organized according to ensemble size and genre. When you find a piece you would like to hear, click on the triangle play button to the left of the title. If the piece has no recording, there will not be a play button. 

How do I order sheet music?

When previewing my music, click on the "Purchase this Piece" option, and you will be taken to the Sheet Music section. The other option is to go directly to the Sheet Music categories found under the Sheet Music section. 

Follow the instructions for the method of delivery you would prefer; either that traditional method of having printed scores and parts shipped to you, or if you prefer to download and print scores (To save a few bucks!). Printed orders are processed through PayPal, download and print orders through Gumroad.

How can me or my organization commission a piece?

Send me an email, and let's talk!  I know that there are always questions and potential issues with finances, but I will work with you to make it happen! Check out my (negotiable) rates here.

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