R. Christopher Teichler, Composer

Sheet Music Plus Distribution

Over the last few weeks, and continuing for the next few months, I am adding my catalog to the online distributor Sheet Music Plus. They say they are the largest online distributor of sheet music, and I'm in no place to disagree or fact check that claim, so I take them at their word! A couple years back they started a new program for self-published composers and arrangers to sell music on their site, called SMP Press (any other self-published composers reading this, check it out. It's very simple to set up and load music; and non-exclusive!). 

If you've used Sheet Music Plus in the past and are comfortable ordering through them, I'd recommend looking for my music there; I've started putting up my church music anthems and arrangements first, chamber music will be next and large ensemble works last. NOTE: you are only able to purchase PDF downloads of my music through SMP; if you want physical copies, you would need to order from my website store.

You can visit my SMP store here. Please help spread the word! Thank you!

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