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New Singles on CD Baby

I'm happy to announce that I have two new singles available for download from CD Baby. These songs came out of my role as composer-in-residence with the MidCities Chamber Singers in the DFW Metroplex.

The first is my arrangement I did of "The Star-Spangled Banner," my first project for the choir. This a capella setting features unison passages as well as divisi SATB parts that offer a variety of textures. Harmonically, it is almost exclusively diatonic (no sharps or flats added) except for the raised 4ths that occur in the original melody ("dawn's ear-ly light;" "per-i-lous fight; "our flag was still there"). I am very pleased with how this arrangement turned out, it feels like it goes where it's supposed to go harmonically, while still offering some surprises.

The second single is "Love's Philosophy," for SATB and piano and using the famous text by Percy Bysshe Shelley. I was not familiar with this poem, but when the MidCities conductor D.J. Bulls informed me that the concert season theme of "love," I discovered it while searching for possible poetry to set. In just a few readings of the poem, I had several musical ideas I was excited to work with. The text suggested a lush harmonic vocabulary and an accompaniment with a nebulous feel.

 You can take a look and preview each single here; if you have a CD Baby account (or start one) you can download for a buck each. If you don't have a CD Baby account (or don't want one!), they will both be available on iTunes/Spotify/Pandora and others in the very near future.





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