R. Christopher Teichler, Composer

Sheet Music Plus Distribution


Adding my music to Sheet Music Plus.

New Singles on CD Baby


Two new singles of my choral music released!

My Labor Day

Join My E-Mail List (AKA: I Hate Self-Promotion...)


I'm bad at self-promotion, so I'm taking baby steps to improve!

Recording With the MidCities Chamber Singers


The MidCities Chamber Singers will be recording some of my choral music soon! I’m helping raise funds for them to get it done. Read for more info! 

"Declarations" for Euphonium and Piano


"Declarations" for Euphonium and Piano Available!

Audio Blog: Anchor Station

Hymns to the Living God


A new hymnal now available from Religious Affections Ministries.

Football, Research and Writing, and a John Adams/Emily Dickinson Collaboration


I need to do more writing. I’m not referring to composing (though I always feel I never write enough music!!), instead I’m talking about analytical writing. Research. So, here’s my plan to get that going! 

”Communion Meditations” for Piano


You can now download or stream my collection of hymn tunes for piano, Communion Meditations

A Quick Reflection


The Langston Hughes poem Minstrel Man has been on my mind lately. 

MidCities Chamber Singers, Round 2!


It was last summer (while the Cubs were making their first championship run in over a century) that I was approached by D.J. Bulls about a new choral ensemble he was putting together. 

Book Review: "The Stories We Tell" by Mike Cosper


My review of Mike Cosper's book The Stories We Tell. This is a great read for those interested in Christian apologetics, evangelism, the interaction of Christianity and the arts.

My Favorite Film Scores


It's the Oscar time of year, and here are my 5 favorite film scores.

The Greatest Composers: A Baker's Dozen


My list of the 13 greatest composers. Yes, 13. A Baker's Dozen.

From Facebook: "My Cub's Fan Journey"


As a life-long Cubs fan, I had to write down my thoughts before Game 7 of the World Series. This is not about music at all, but it is a window into who I am.

What is R.T. Legacy?


Why I chose "R.T. Legacy" as my publishing name.

What the Words Actually Mean?


A satirical video that makes some good points when it comes to corporate worship.

"The Good Samaritan" Update


Just a quick update on the progress of my new cantata, "The Good Samaritan."

New Way to Purchase My Music!


Keeping up with the digital world, much of my music is now available electronically!

MidCities Chamber Singers Composer in Residence


There's a new choral group in DFW, and I'll be writing some tunes for them!

Meet American Composer Edward Burlingame Hill


We've all heard it opined that artists are never appreciated in their own time....such as Edward Burlingame Hill.

Upcoming Projects for 2016


Compositions that I will be working on and, hopefully, finishing in 2016.

My Five Favorite Sacred Works


I find myself returning to five works of sacred music that continually inspire and encourage me. 

Choral Anthem "My Savior" Avaiable from Lorenz

A Review of "The First Noel"


Composer Walter Saul's review of my setting of "The First Noel"

A Brief Reflection on "Simple Composition" by Charles Wuorinen


"Considerations of pitch organization are applicable to any method or philosophy of composition."

Some Thoughts on "Christian Art"


Christians have a duty to pursue excellence in the arts.

"Medley of Hope" for Violin and Piano


YouTube video of "Medley of Hope."

Coming Soon

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